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ES Collection & Addicted 預購

ES Collection and Addicted Pre-Orders

Pre-orders cut off date will be on the 12th of October 2020, all products are expected to be shipped from Spain before the end of October and delivery arrangements will be made


The pre-order procedure are as follows:

1) Customers can click the links below to visit ES Collection and Addicted official website

ES Collection



2) Select the currency in the upper right corner as Hong Kong dollar

3) Enter the official website to select the goods you want for pre-order, as long as the official website shows that there are inventory we can pre-order for you


4) Click the following link to enter the pre-order form, fill in your name, contact number, email, name of the product you want for pre-order, colour, quantity, and size.



5) The final price will be 20% off from the official website price. After filling out the pre-order form, our staff will contact the customer according to the information on the form, including confirming the pre-order content, shipping address, and attaching a link for payment. We will take payment in full for pre-order, if the final product cannot be delivered to Hong Kong we will issue a full refund.